Activating your Grammar. Speaking problems/Preparing students for speaking

Лектор: Christopher Graham, методист издательства Oxford University Press
Город: Белгород (19.03.2014 10:00)

Activating your Grammar (Oxford Grammar for Schools)

We all know the faces that our students pull when they hear the ‘G word’, grammar. This workshop will look at ways of motivating students to engage with grammar and at ideas to improve their spoken grammar. We will also look at ways of activating the passive grammar that students already ‘know’ and at some techniques for making them curious about the form of the language. The session will be illustrated with material from ‘Oxford Grammar for Schools’.

Sadly we cannot guarantee the that the ideas we discuss will make your students love grammar!

 How can I  make them speak ?! (Solutions)

Speaking is a public act and as a result many teenagers avoid doing it in English – they don’t want to lose face in front of others and develop a psychological barrier.

This session will look at some ideas for developing our students’ levels of confidence in spoken English and to encourage them to use more complex and sophisticated spoken English.  It all comes down to motivation and that is what we will be looking at.

The session will explore how ‘Solutions’ can help us meet those goals.



Место проведения: г. Белгород, Школа иностранных языков «ИНТЕРЛИНГВА-ОН ХИЛЛ», ул. Конева, д. 4а.