Strategies to teach academic writing /speaking in Oxford EAP. Building vocabulary for exams

Лектор: Chris Graham, методист издательства Oxford University Press
Город: Красноярск (15.11.2013 00:00)

Building Vocabulary for IELTS and FCE.

This session will look at ways that students can develop their vocabulary base to improve their performance in FCE and IELTS. We will examine a number of specific techniques and approaches and will illustrate some of them from 'IELTS Masterclass'. We will go on to look at what vocabulary practice Oxford English Testing can offer to both teachers with classes and to self-study students.

Academic Writing and Critical Thinking - some ideas for the classroom.

A good level of academic writing is hard to achieve, and in this session we will look at some classroom and self-study approaches for teachers to use that will ensure the written cohesion and coherence that is required at this level. The written work is overlaid by the importance of critical thinking and the session will develop by exploring how to encourage and nurture this among our students and how to apply it to academic writing. We will use some examples from Oxford EAP.